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976  Martin  Luther  King, Jr.  Blvd.,   Chapel  Hill,   North  Carolina    27514

Exterior Views

Lucy designed and built the original Papagayo Restaurant in downtown Chapel Hill.  The restaurant was designed, constructed furnished and opened in three months.  The project included many custom, artistic features, including a large mural  and a surreal design on the back bar’s sandblasted mirror by Steven Fisher.  Lyn McClay was the interior design consultant on the project.  We have since collaborated on a number of LCDA projects.  Lucy was the chief designer and construction manager for the project, and Steven Fisher served that function on a second Raleigh restaurant.

Lucy designed the original Pyewacket Restaurant at The Courtyard in downtown Chapel Hill. as well as the renovation of The Courtyard, an adaptive reuse project developed from an old dairy facility.  The photograph shows the greenhouse dining room which was developed from an old loading dock of the main dairy building.  The translucent roofing material is an insulating panel by KalWall which Lucy has used in many subsequent projects.  Construction was by the Owner.