Gardens at Indian Springs

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The Pool Terrace, Structures and Tropical Garden

The house at Indian Springs was planned around the existing 2 acre lake.  Garden areas were identified and are being developed as integral features of the property.  Andy Upshaw of Pleasant Gardens has worked with me to plan and install all of the gardens.  Many of the plantings were inspired by the gardens at Monet’s House in Giverny which is filled with plantings which thrive in our area.  Many native and unusual plants are included as well.  The pool terrace has a tropical garden with some plants which must winter in the greenhouse and others which are hardy in our area.  

The gardens developed thus far include:  The Stream Garden, The Kitchen Garden, The Lake and The Lake Path Garden and The Pool Terrace Tropical Garden (see separate section).

L C D A  A R C H I T E C T U R E
976  Martin  Luther  King, Jr.  Blvd.,   Chapel  Hill,   North  Carolina    27514  

The pool and terrace occupies a private end of the house, off the Master Bedroom and lower bedroom/office.  An outdoor room featuring the pool is framed by the end wall of the house, a greenhouse at the top of the slope, a gazebo at the lower end of the pool and a tall fence opposing the house wall.    The entire outdoor room comprises a lush, tropical garden, unlike any of the other gardens at Indian Springs.  Tender plants in large pots are brought indoors into the greenhouse for the cold weather months.  Many of the tropical plants in the raised beds are hardy in this climate and can remain in the ground through the winter.  The tropical plants meld with the dense summer vegitation native to the site.