Houses at Rose Lane

A neighborhood street of new homes at the edge of the Chapel Hill Historic District which were designed specifically for their sites using complementary architectural styles, details, and materials

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The Houses at Rose Lane project is a cul-de-sac street which accommodates a group of 9 houses, each of which was custom designed or modified to fit its site and the context of the whole neighborhood.  The houses are all 2,000 to 2,900 square feet in size, and all have lower level space, since the sites all have areas which slope down from the road.  The materials, colors and architectural designs relate to each other while maintaining individual expression.  Some of the homes were designed specifically for custom clients, while others  were designed as “for sale” housing.  The landscaping of each site was conceived as primarily natural in character, with the retention of as many existing trees as possible.  In response to the location at the edge of the Historic District in Chapel Hill, the building shapes of the homes respond to the roof pitches and hipped and gable forms prevalent downtown, while achieving more contemporary interiors and overall styles. Wood horizontal siding and wood shingle siding also reflect the materials in the area.  Most of the homes differ in such exterior details as window shapes and porch railings as an expression of individuality.

976  Martin  Luther  King, Jr.  Blvd.,   Chapel  Hill,   North  Carolina    2751