Lake Hogan Lane

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On a wooded acreage at the edge of town, we created a narrow country lane with six large building lots, each 2 acres or more.  We planned houses for four of the lots, and these were designed for casual living with many, varied connections to the outdoors.  The wooded sites were landscaped naturally, and the existing trees were preserved where feasible.

The Brooks house was a custom home for a couple with grown children.  In addition to being designed for the clients’ spatial requirements, the house was designed for low maintenance and energy efficiency, with good natural lighting.  The materials and forms reflect the other homes in the neighborhood, and the porches and decks provide a variety of outdoor living possibilities.

The Tower House was the first house in the neighborhood, and we designed it as a “for sale” project.  We produced a custom design for a hypothetical client, in order to avoid a generic feeling in the design.  This home set the context for materials and building forms.

The Long House was also a custom design for a hypothetical client.  We developed a number of ideas in this design that we have used in numerous, subsequent projects.  Our “for sale” or spec homes have served as practical laboratories for our design and construction ideas over the years.

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