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Entry and Gate

We created Talbryn for landowners who wished to develop their 150 acre parcel in such a way as to minimize the impact of  development on the environment, while realizing a reasonable profit from their land, which was in an area of increasing development density.  Talbryn has 12 lots, each of which comprises at least 10 acres.  A narrow tar and gravel drive which is carefully landscaped along its shoulders and where easements cut across it, provides access to the building sites.  Each site is marked by a gas lamp and 2 small, stone driveway entrance markers.  Restrictive covenants provide large setbacks and limited clearing in order to preserve the woodlands and provide a great sense of privacy on each site.  Great care was taken in locating the road and the building sites.  Covenants specifically allow home based offices with limited traffic.  A gate preserves the privacy of the owners and limits traffic.

Several Houses designed by LCDA in Talbryn

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Vogel/Joseph Residencehttp://www.lcdaarchitecture.com/Single_Family_Houses/Vogel_Joseph.html