Cory Residence Renovation

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This project involved the renovation of an aging ranch house on a beautiful, wooded site in Chapel Hill.  The house had served its family well for many years, but the owners were ready to modernize its kitchen and master bath, brighten its interior through the addition of new sources of natural light, and new interior finishes and improve its functionality.  Many surfaces and elements were simply worn out and in need of replacement.  We retained the basic architectural style with a unification and updating of exterior and interior elements.  We made a small addition to house a new master bath at the rear of the house.  Some areas of the house, such as the kitchen, received a major renovation, while others, such as the living room, were mostly refinished with the existing elements intact.

Interior Views

Exterior Views



Kitchen After

Bedroom and Bath

Kitchen Before

Living Room

976  Martin  Luther  King, Jr.  Blvd.,   Chapel  Hill,   North  Carolina    27514