Davis Oaks

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Davis Oaks is a transformative renovation of a brick ranch house from the 1950’s.  The owner built the home in 1950 and had added to the home extensively in the early 1960’s.  The owner had remarried after the death of his first wife, and the couple decided to do a major renovation and addition project to make a home for themselves, instead of moving to a new home.  The theme for the project was to be an English cottage.

The addition of a large gathering room allowed the existing living room to become the dining room.  The master bedroom acquired a dressing room, bath and closet addition, and the existing master bath became a powder room off the library.  The existing kitchen and breakfast room was expanded significantly and completely renovated with new cabinets, appliances and a new configuration.  The breakfast room was opened into the back yard.

The owner had developed the 2 acre yard over many years, and there were a number of unique features within the home and on the site.  The addition of a new trellised patio in the front yard suggested more landscaping in the front yard. 

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