#1 Mint Springs Lane

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#1 Mint Springs Lane was the original home in this 5 acre infill development.  We learned that the home was developed from several surplus army barracks left over from World War II.  These were moved to the site and joined to create a single level home of approximately 2000 square feet in the late 1940's.  The same family lived in the home for many years, gradually improving the grounds and gardens.  The house had been basically maintained but never renovated or updated.  We liked the eclectic nature of the basic structure, and we especially loved the gardens around  so we decided to retain the house for the project. (See also “Neighborhoods”:  Mint Springs Lane.)

We designed a complete renovation of the house, with a new, family room and kitchen addition to the rear, a new entry and front porch, a new master bath and a new front terrace and walkway.  We also added a carport on the side of the house.    We took great care to preserve the old azaleas and boxwoods in the yard, and we resodded the yard after the construction was complete.  The house received new windows, siding and roofing.

The best part of the existing interior was the living room which had knotty pine panelling and an interesting stair to an attic bedroom.  We had an expert wood refinisher strip off all of the old varnish, bleach the wood somewhat to lighten the interior and refinish the wood surfaces.  We recovered the walls in the existing rooms with a neutral fabric wall covering, while painting the new rooms.  All of the floors in the main rooms received wood to match the existing, and the existing floors were refinished as well.  Most of the house was rewired and replumbed, and the services were updated.

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