Indian Springs Residence

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Interior Views

Exterior Views

Indian Springs House is a contemporary lodge home of approximately 7,000 SF which overlooks a two acre lake on a 7 acre site within an established, older neighborhood near UNC.  Although a large structure, it was nestled into a hillside and designed with a series of smaller scaled elements, in order to fit gracefully into its neighborhood. The house is constructed with an open beam design on the main living level.  Lower, screen walls and other elements to subdivide this grand space into different functional areas.  All woodwork is naturally finished with ash flooring, cherry and maple panelling and cabinetry and fir standing and running trim.  There are two bedroom wings at either end of the main level.  The upper library contains a skylight stair which leads down to the lower library and office areas.  There is also a billiards room, home theater and guest suite on this lower level with a large covered porch overlooking the lake. Extensive outdoor areas and gardens extend the living experience outward.  Off the lower level is a pool and terrace with a gazebo and a greenhouse at either end above the lake.  The grounds are being developed as a part of the overall design.  A terraced kitchen garden and a recirculating stream with fish pond serves as part of the roof drainage system.  There is a jogging and walking trail around the lake along with with extensive plantings.  This project gained inspiration from the great rustic lodges found throughout our country’s wilderness areas, the book, Five Acres and Independence and the plantings and gardens surrounding Monet’s house in Giverny.

L C D A  A R C H I T E C T U R E
976  Martin  Luther  King, Jr.  Blvd.,   Chapel  Hill,   North  Carolina    27514